The expression “lamp” in the above verse is exam help translation of the Arabic word “siraaj,” which most completely describes the Sun, the resource of sunshine quiz help heat. In the Qur’an Allah employs different words when referring exam help such celestial bodies because the Moon, the Sun quiz help the celebs. This is how the alterations between the buildings of the Sun quiz help Moon are expressed within the Qur’an:Don’t you spot how He created seven heavens in layers, quiz help located the Moon as exam help light in them quiz help made the sun exam help blazing lamp?Qur’an, 71:15 16In the above verse, the word “light” is used for the Moon “noor” in Arabic quiz help the word “lamp” for the Sun “siraaj” in Arabic. The word used for the Moon refers examination help exam help light reflecting, vibrant, immobile body. The word used for the Sun refers examination help exam help celestial body that’s always burning, exam help constant resource of heat quiz help light. On the other hand, the word “star” comes from the Arabic root “najama,” that means “appearing, rising, visible.